"A unique fruit, enjoyed by consumers worldwide."

Simon Dickie, president and co-founder of Top Gold Srl and the original owner of the variety, was a legend in New Zealand sports. After his remarkable sports career, he turned his attention to cultivating kiwis. He was the first to recognize the potential of the yellow variety discovered in the early 2000s, later known as Top Gold "Always Sweeter." He then spent time searching for business partners to develop its production and international distribution. 
In 2013, he met Mario Quaranta, owner of Quaranta Frutta, Massimo Pittaluga of Top Fresh, and some experienced Italian yellow kiwi producers, such as Clemente Duras. This led to the establishment of Top Gold Srl in 2014, a company that holds exclusive production and marketing rights both in Italy and internationally. After several years dedicated to varietal registration, successfully completed in May 2019 (valid until 2049), the project has seen rapid development.
In 2019, Top Gold Srl welcomed one of the leading Far East companies in the industry, with the goal of expanding the distribution of Italian Top Gold yellow kiwis not only in Italy and Europe but also in major Asian and global markets. This decade-long journey has allowed us to understand the unique and superior characteristics of the Top Gold kiwi variety and to witness its increasing popularity and appreciation among customers and consumers for a product that goes beyond the simple definition of just a yellow kiwi.


Top Gold yellow kiwi owes its uniqueness to a combination of different flavours and aromas compared to all the other varieties available today. This is attributed to its high dry matter content, which can reach up to 23%, a high sugar content (often exceeding 20 degrees Brix), and a creamy flesh reminiscent of mango pulp.
Additionally, it boasts a unique and complex flavour profile, a blend of exotic papaya on the inside and a slight lemon aftertaste on the outer part of the flesh, counterbalancing the sweetness, creating a truly unique flavour.


To achieve a high-quality production level and protect the variety from the bacterial attacks that are now endemic in the region, Top Gold Yellow Kiwi is cultivated under tunnel coverings with anti-rain nets. This technique shields the plants from the elements, especially wind, rain and excessive humidity. It also creates a microclimate that reduces the need for specialised treatments. Weed control is done manually rather than using chemical herbicides, and cow manure is used for fertilization, emphasizing a more natural cultivation approach. Top Gold Yellow Kiwi is an easy-to-pollinate variety, as it has both male and female flowers that bloom nearly simultaneously. Pollinating insects such as honeybees and bumblebees are attracted to both genders, facilitating natural pollination that ensures high quality and size without the need for additional interventions. Harvesting, from early October, must be done gently to avoid damaging the skin of the fruit, which is much thinner compared to other varieties of kiwis.

Through this technique, the plants are protected from the elements, especially rain and excessive humidity. This also allows for the creation of a microclimate that makes specialised treatments unnecessary.
    Top Gold yellow kiwis mature throughout October, allowing the producer to have a staggered harvest due to the dry matter and high sugar content already present in the fruit from the first week of October. 
  • Its taste is somewhat different from other cultivated Gold varieties, truly unique and original, and is a delightful surprise for the consumer.
  • The kiwi vine is easily pollinated.
  • The fruit has good storage capabilities, lasting up to 4 months at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius.
  • Rich in fibre, vitamin C and vitamin E (with a vitamin content more than 3.5 times that of an orange). Low in calories.
Top Gold Srl, the exclusive licensee of the variety, manages both propagation and varietal marketing requirements. Partners in production, processing and marketing are specialized companies in the sector, currently located in both Italy and Portugal. The product, selected following a specific quality protocol, is marketed under the Top Gold "Always Sweeter" brand and is distributed both in Europe and overseas, including North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, and countries bordering the Indian Ocean.


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